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Sew Seasonal - January
Sew Seasonal - January

Make this cute sewing calendar for your office or sewing room! Use the handy pockets on both sides of the calendar to store office supplies, sewing supplies, or both! The blocks in this perpetual calendar are made in the hoop, then sewn together with sashing. The convenient pockets are lined and finished in the hoop. The centerpieces, and monthly plaques are finished in the hoop, and they are buttoned to the calendar. The number markers are completely finished in the hoop, and they just tab into the calendar! So simple! This adorable set coordinates with all of my other sewing room projects. Each month you will get a new centerpiece and a plaque.

During the month of January, you will get:

The designs and instructions to make the quilted calendar and pockets

  • The January Centerpiece
  • The January Plaque

The minimum purchase to qualify for the gift for January is $24 . As you collect the centerpieces and plaques for the rest of the year, the minimum purchase will go back down to $10. 

Hoop Size:  5x7  

Finished Size:  23" x 28"


Sew Seasonal - January
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Make a perpetual calendar for your office or sewing room, and collect a different centerpiece and plaque each month!
Sew Seasonal - January
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